Our Mission

Our mission at The EDS Clinic is to provide results-oriented expertiseĀ for the diagnosis and treatment of hypermobility, hEDS & the related disordersĀ to enable a total body transformation with less body pain and less fatigue.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a network of providers in the United States and abroad, trained in Rebecca Mass-Krajewski's ARNP-BC framework, to ensure all people suffering from these overlapping, complex, and chronic disorders have expert providers, evidence-based answers, and hope for feeling better.

Our Values

We value: Self-trust, Health, Rest, Connecting, Empathy, and Knowledge.

The EDS Clinic

We feel strongly that love is love, science is real, black (brown & all melanated) lives matter, trans rights are human rights, neurodivergence is valuable and beautiful, and women's rights are tied up in all of our own liberation.Ā 

We will fully support you with accommodations and accessibility in any way possible during our time together. You are not a burden. Mainstream healthcare exists in a culture of ableism and exclusion.

Our Pledge

Rebecca Mass-Krajewski is a Hypermobility & Ehlers Danlos expert who is a "professional patient" with Hypermobile EDS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, and Ankylosing Spondylitis. She is an ARNP-BC, a medical detective who uses functional medicine to identify the root cause of chronic illnesses. She removes obstacles to high-quality care and believes that being a complicated patient does not have to be hard or lonely. She is not the only provider on your team, but she works alongside them to explain the "why" of your experiences and how medication or procedures might help.

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