Explore What's Possible When You Work With Experts


You are tired of trying to figure it out on your own.  


Relying on health care providers who do not know about your issues is not working.


You have hope for better health than what you experience now.


There has got to be more information that what you find on Reddit, Facebook, or Google.


You wish there was someone to help make all the symptoms make sense and have evidence-based ideas that can result in less daily pain and fatigue.


You Need a Health Detective!


At The EDS Clinic we do medical mysteries. We do new potential diagnoses. We do the trifecta of HEDS, POTS & MCAS, as well as the related disorders.


Meeting a new provider is hard when you have been disappointed or gaslit before. 


At The EDS Clinic we explore, validate, and diagnose the underdiagnosed, under-appreciated diagnosis of Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos,(+ POTS & MCAS) and make solid evidence-based plans to reduce body pain and improve energy levels. 


Decrease the feeling of commitment with an obligation-free consultation to see if we are a good fit for you.


Is a Consultation Right for You?

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Health?

A Consultation will show you if we are a good fit for your needs. You get to:

  • Explain where you are in your health journey
  • What underlying and overlapping diagnoses could be fueling health issues
  • What needs to be investigated further
  • Hear how we have helped patients with similar health concerns

With a health detective deeply investigating your health, you can relax and know that someone has your back. The goal of a consult is for you to to be empathetically heard and evaluate if our knowledge and skill set is a good fit for you.


A Consultation to Change Your Life

Investment in Your Health



Consultations work like this:

>> Click the "Book Now" button

>> Make payment

>> Complete the intake questions on the confirmation page so we can use our time to help you best!

>> Receive immediate email with booking link

>> Receive coupon for $125 discount on New Patient Package when future appointment booked within 1 week of consultation


Disclaimer: Consultations do not establish a patient-provider relationship. This is done only at formal clinic visits. We are health care providers with state specific licenses and can only work with clients in these states. At consultations we discuss clients with similar health issues and how we have helped them.