Invisible Chronic Illness is Hard


You have the challenges *and* the mindset to see improvement.

You are tired of the daily body pain, muscle aches, and fatigue. 

You are so over Googling your symptoms.

You wish someone could figure it all out for you.

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You need a health detective!


We do medical mysteries.

Complex, rare, and invisible is our specialty. 

You know that life can be more comfortable every day. 


You Can Be Comfortable and Energetic

You are not a medical mystery to everyone:

  • Go to bed comfortable and wake up rested (yes many people do!).
  • Wake up without thinking about how much your body hurt.
  • Go out with friends without thinking about how bad you will feel tomorrow (fun should not be so draining!).
  • Lose the guilt over not trusting your body (will it get better or do I go to ER?).
  • Never again be told that it is all in your head.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

You can be comfortable in this chronically annoying invisible illness body.


VIP Chronic Illness Transformation

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Health?

This 45 day VIP Intensive Program will get you the health information, answers, and improvement you have been craving for soo long.  You’ll learn:

  • How early life contributed to today's pain and fatigue (and how we can remedy it)
  • How the labs you have had are not enough for invisible illness (and what you need!)
  • What your body needs to heal deeply to be comfortable and energetic

With a health detective investigating your chronic illness, you could relax and know that someone has your back. They will get you the answers and solutions you need, saving you mental space, time, and energy.

What's Included In The VIP Transformation...


Deep Medical Record Review

  • Pre-appointment review of all the applicable medical records you can gather by Rebecca.

  • Think MRI, past labs, and specialist visit paperwork.

  • Don't worry we tell you what is needed or not! We know how much has been done.

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of what has been done that was helpful or not (even if it didn't feel like it).


Back to Your Birth Day

Actually a bit further. We go all the way back to your mom's life and health when she was pregnant with you:

  • Initial 90-minute telemedicine visit with Rebecca.
  • We go back, way back to the beginning of your life to discover hidden sources of current day struggles prior to digging deep into current health.
  • Part therapy, part history, and a whole lot of helpful

This is a uniquely enlightening step. We adapt as needed if you have early life trauma. There is no forced sharing.


Ongoing On-The-Fly Q&A

No more endless waiting for an email or message back. In this step, you get:

  • Direct Voxer walkie-talkie question & answering by Rebecca as often as you need it.
  • That is right, direct access! Voxer is faster than medical system messaging or emailing.
  • We keep it confidential by not using full names or birthdays.
  • None of that "but I don't want to bother her" or "maybe it's nothing" (VIPs need to ask and share to transform!)

All those questions that float around. Now is the time to ask them on the fly. No obligation to be camera ready with Voxer!


Fancy Labs

Immediate functional medicine lab tests that dig deep in areas you have never had investigated (cost approximately $900 and included in VIP Program). 

  • Learn about your total body inflammation levels.

  • The source of your body's oxidative stress.

  • If you have any methylation issues that would make you not absorb medication, supplements or food well.

  • Cellular level mitochondrial dysfunction.

  • The critical role of omega 3 and 6 for body pain, and what to do about your imbalances.

  • In-depth vitamin deficiencies (not the boring regular top 3).

  • Neurotransmitter abnormalities that can cause anxiety, depression, crappy sleep, and worsen pain.

You’ll finish this step in awe of your body, what has likely affected it, and so hopeful that you have many options for improvement!


Specialist Consult

This is a zero effort step. Zero!  

  • Consultation by Rebecca with an outside team of naturopaths and functional medicine providers.
  • She presents your case to get further personalized interpretation of how unique you are.

It is so nice to have something taken off your plate. To not have to explain your symptoms yet again!


What Does It All Mean?

This is your second telemedicine visit where the detailed labs are reviewed. 

  • Together we review each subsection in the 5+ themes (Color coded! Graphs! Summary in plain talk!).
  • You learn what they mean science-wise.
  • You will hear how the abnormalities can feel in your body (there will be soo many ah-hah moments).
  • You get the critical next steps are to improve how you feel and address real abnormal labs (finally a validating test!).
  • You’ll get a curated list (over email with links) of the exact options that can help decrease your symptoms.

No need to read reviews, worrying about quality, or how long to ship each item. We got you!


Continuing the Transformation

Chronic illness does not have to be as hard as it has been for you.

  • At this long visit we will review changes from day 1 to now.

  • Step-by-step we will work through your goals in order.

  • You will get a written letter of recommendations moving forward.

  • As the program concludes you have a last week of Voxer for those last minute questions! 

You’ll finish this 45 day VIP Program with hope, more energy, and a more comfortable body!

This VIP Program Is For You If...

  • Every day your body hurts and you need real improvement.
  • You are tired of being tired.
  • You are ready to dig deep into your health and history.
  • You worry about your future and health getting worse.
  • You need a provider who listens deeply, empathetically.
  • You ever wanted to see Dr. House (minus the rudeness) and have him solve your health mysteries.
  • You don’t know how to talk so your doctors will listen and believe you.

VIP Chronic Illness Transformation

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You Are Ready To Have Your Health Issues Solved For You?

This 45-day VIP Intensive Program will change your health and life. You will learn:

  • What to do to start feeling better now without having to spend more of your time researching.
  • How to decrease body pain and fatigue with direct customized solutions based on actual science.
  • How your health issues overlap and worsen one another.
  • The root cause triggers of your chronic illness and how to treat them.
  • How to get the results for the effort you put in because everything is designed around your unique body.

You do not need to spend your time and energy researching when you have a health detective investigating solutions to your chronic illness.