Sliding Scale Application

The idea behind sliding scale is that everyone pays a similar percentage of their income for the same products or services. The Green Bottle Sliding Scale Method was developed by Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

Paying according to one’s available resources creates a more equitable system for pricing.*


Refer to the picture when creating your answers. 

We review applications monthly and selected applicants are alerted over email. If not selected, you may choose to pay full price, or wait for the next month.

Sliding scale price is $1749 for New Client Membership (6 months of care with visits monthly) versus $3497.






A consult is needed prior to beginning, regardless of sliding scale or standard client membership. This is to see if we are a good fit for your needs. These usually book out 2 months so please plan ahead. Consultations are on the main webpage.

Past clients who were seen years ago may apply. 






*Elements/characteristics that do not qualify for sliding scale: 

-Being uncomfortable investing in yourself

-Being in a 2-income home

-Having savings, owning a home, or having financial assets

It is required that you have stable housing and enough food to nourish your body (however you choose). We find that without these, clients get stuck in a survival cycle and it greatly reduces the benefits of our work together.