At The EDS Clinic,

We pledge...


We value continuous work to identify, understand, and reduce the impact of white privilege, and are committed to diversity, inclusion, equality, equity, and anti-racism. We are committed to actively reducing the impact of white privilege and racism in healthcare through our actions. We support Black, Brown, Indigenous, and melanated people through deliberate action. This includes hiring BIPOC, using black owned and created products in our company. We pay Black women for their work. We are doing the work, knowing it is never done, and unpacking the knapsack. It is essential and hard. We do not ask BIPOC to clarify, enlighten, or explain. We will always believe you, when it is awkward, when it hurts to hear, and in whatever way chosen. We have signed the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge.





We are personally and professionally committed to anti-racism and intentional inclusivity for all members of the LGBTQIA++ community. We welcome people of all genders and sexualities, and am honored to provide a safe, well-informed and educated space for transgender, genderfluid and non-binary individuals as well as any sexual orientation. We will use appropriate pronouns and ask if we misspeak to be corrected openly and without fear of judgment. We have signed the Open to All and Freedom for All Americans Pledges.








Chronic pain:

We pledge to daily educate, connect, inform and empower those living with chronic pain and to recognize those who live with chronic pain every day. We will raise awareness, work to reduce the stigma, and provide support to those in chronic pain, as well as battle against the mental health challenges and stigmas they face. We will empower and educate about the barriers to pain reduction and provide non-judgmental support to those who need it. There are still many health mysteries that science has yet to determine the source of, or best treatments for. We will always remember that everyone is the expert on what is “normal” for their own body and their experience is evidence. We will listen with empathy and an open mind.  We pledge that even when scientific tools cannot diagnose, treat or cure, we will not give up, continue to guide as able, and learn about these invisible complex chronic illnesses, to help enable all to live their best lives. We have signed the Pledge for Empathetic Care (ME).